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What makes Safeline Brake Discs safe?  
  • Safeline brake discs are manufactured under stringent ISO TS16949 standards.
  • Our brake discs are engineered to perform optimally in all South African and African motoring conditions.
  • Every Safeline brake disc undergoes strict metallurgical and mechanical testing to ensure constant quality supply before reaching the market.
  • Safeline discs comply with SAE J431, G3000 grade, the international standard for brake discs.
Cleverly Packed  
  • Unique plastic box packaging
  • Ensures safe storage and transportation
  • Useful re-usable container for the end user
  • Recyclable plastic and environmentally friendly
Why fit Safeline Brake Pads?  
  • South Africa's safest brake pad as indicated on the AMS Fade Test
  • The only brake pad in South Africa with both E-Mark and SABS certification
  • Now includes FREE brake accessory kits with selected part numbers
  • No quibble claims policy
  • Seven time less wear on discs than any other brake pad on the market
  • Less dust
Safeline Brake Disc outperform the competition The results prove that no competitor braking combination comes close to the stopping power of Safeline Discs and Pads.

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New Product Releases


At Safeline we are constantly developing our range in order to meet market demands. All of Safeline's latest product releases can be viewed in the Safeline catalogue.

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High temperature brake disc

What is brake fade?

Organic-petro-chemical resins within pads revert to gas with high temperatures, causing "aquaplane"

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Disc Machining

Disc Machining, cleaning & bedding-in new brake pads: what to do and what not to do, understand the concepts.

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Dynamometer Brake Testing

Understand the basic principles of a dynamometer brake test and how to interpret its report

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Disc brake rotor life

The maximum life of a disc brake rotor is achieved when it reaches what we call the minimum thickness.

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Caliper Servicing

Caliper pistons should be pushed back easily into their bores, less both calipers be overhauled.

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Welcome to Safeline Brakes

altSafeline Brake Pads are a G.U.D. Holdings (Pty) Limited company and manufacture the safest brake pads in South Africa. Safeline are the only brake pad manufacturer in South Africa to be both E-Mark and SABS certified and now include free brake accessory kits with selected part numbers.


Production OvenSafeline have a strong sales and marketing team that are customer focussed and able to offer comprehensive product and branding support. Our exciting customer promotions reward our customers for their loyalty.


WarehouseWe have a strong foothold in South Africa and Africa with sales branches in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia. Our brakes are available through leading retailers.



Brake DiscsThe Safeline brake disc range aims to provide a complementary product offering to our extensive range of OEM quality brake pads. A range of part numbers fitting popular passenger vehicles including, the Toyota Quantam, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Hi-Ace and Isuzu KB are available at leading automotive parts distributors.

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