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It is mandatory that all replacement brake lining assemblies in South Africa comply with a minimum specification as is published in Notice No. R443 appearing in Government Gazette No. 33211 dated 28 May 2010. This specification is also known as VC8053.

The above specification is regulated by the National Regulator of Compulsory Specifications (NRCS).

This specification is the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Regulation (ECE Regulation 90) with some National changes. The performance requirements for the brake lining assemblies for heavy motor vehicle remains unchanged however there is a specific cold performance requirement for disc brake pads fitted to light motor vehicles in place of the comparative performance to the originally fitted brake pads as required by ECE Regulation 90. The vehicle fade test specified in ECE Reg. 90 has also been replaced by a test conducted on an inertia dynamometer.

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