News Safeline Brake Pads announces E-mark certification

Safeline Brake Pads announces E-mark certification

Safeline Brake Pads was recently awarded the distinguished European quality manufacturing standard, the ECE R90, ensuring that Safeline meets international safety standards. This recognition follows their SABS certification in 2013, making Safeline Brake Pads the only brake pad manufacturer in South Africa to be both E-Mark and SABS certified; this achievement is a first in our automotive industry.

The European Union awarded Safeline Brake Pads their E-mark certification after conducting strict tests to ensure their manufacturing process met the international braking systems regulations. The ECE R90 regulation requires brake pads to be tested for speed sensitivity, cold performance, and matches OE (original equipment) performance. These outstanding results validate that Safeline manufactures the safest brake pad in South Africa!

As an EU certified manufacturer Safeline Brake Pads also meets the requirements to manufacture and sell brake pads in South Africa and internationally. “We are very pleased with our E-mark certification; this achievement not only acknowledges the high quality of our brake pads but recognises Safeline Brake Pads as a global manufacturer and supplier.” said Diyan Botha, General Manager, Safeline Brake Pads. “

SA’s safest brake pad just got safer!



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